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SCENE: Outdoors, pleasant background, some greenery and flowers. A thirty-something male is the spokesperson.

“Hello! Did you ever wish that something beautiful and wonderful would happen to all of humanity? Something astonishingly good?

I’m going to explain something that could dramatically help the whole human race. It involves a new creativity team and action network called Group Genie. This video is in seven parts.”


1. Certain ideas are major upgrades for humanity

Take a look at this list.

Major Upgrades for Humanity

Agriculture/farming   (10,000 BCE)

Written language   (3200 BCE)

Coin money   (3000 BCE)

Rule of Law (3000 BCE)

Democracy (600 BCE)

Clock time

The Scientific Method

Mass Communications (telephone)

Internal combustion engine

The Internet

These are ten of the greatest hundred ideas in history. Each of these ideas has transformed human civilization.

Try to imagine the world and your life without great ideas like laws, clock time, written language or the products of science.

2. Imagine an alien from another world that brings humanity new upgrades

Spokesperson: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a friendly alien would visit Earth, land her flying saucer in some city, get out and say to the news cameras…

[CUT TO FEMALE ALIEN. A female with purple face and glitter on her face.]

Female alien: “Hello, I am from a faraway world. I have been observing your world carefully, and have something of great importance to tell you. The hundred or so upgrades that you’ve discovered have brought you to your current situation. But as you know, you still have major problems.

So I will tell you about seven upgrades from my world that you don’t have. Right now I will briefly describe them. Then before I leave, I will give you more detailed information about the upgrades. [She briefly describes the seven upgrades.]

[1] The first upgrade boosts human learning. I noticed that many of you struggle to learn and change. In your world, you have classes, workshops, books and educational videos. On my planet we have an additional structure. We’ve realized that learning takes 15-25 ingredients. Something we call superprograms help people re-gather these ingredients so they can learn and change more efficiently. The ability to learn affects all areas of people’s lives.

[2] You seem to think of wealth as being money and possessions, but on my planet most of our people feel wealthy and have high self esteem and high fulfillment. That’s because most of us are actively aware of 40 kinds of wealth that most of us – and most of you–already have.

[3] In your world, charities compete for a limited pool of donation money and volunteer hours. In our world, charities have learned to increase the size of the pool of donations and volunteer hours by helping people create more spare time and money. I estimate that this strategy could yield half a trillion dollars a year for charities and the people who help them. That would produce much more good and as a bonus, many more jobs.

[4] Centuries ago, we too discovered the Golden Rule – But more recently someone thought of a major upgrade to the Golden Rule that gives us a much better idea of how much action and what kinds of action are enough to maintain our planet.

[5] We also have different ideas about goodness. For instance, you approach goodness either philosophically, or religiously or as a civic duty. But in addition we approach goodness as a pure art form, like music, dance or literature. We also have a different kind of goodness, one that is rarely practiced on Earth. When people practice it, it usually yields much more life-changing good action with about the same amount of effort.

[6] We too have democracies. A few centuries ago, many of our democracies were in trouble. Then someone developed a set of methods that could revitalize and strengthen democracies. Based on those tools, I’ve created a program for the United States. I expect it will create an informed, critically-thinking and active electorate in ten years or less. Other democracies can adapt it to their political structures.

[7] Also like you, long ago we dreamed of world peace. Then someone noticed that the concept of world peace made us feel bad at the end of each year because we were always falling short of world peace. We switched to a goal that made us feel good each year about the progress we were making. Ironically, in one century, the new goal and the other upgrades brought us most of the way to world peace.

CUT BACK TO SPOKESPERSON: “Now let’s imagine that the alien must leave right away, but she will leave a book with details about the seven upgrades. If something like that happened, and If the upgrades all made sense, wouldn’t that be astonishing good news for humanity?

Try to imagine what would happen next. Some people would start to use these upgrades right away. When they got results, others would follow suit. It would gradually but radically change how the world operates.”

An alien didn’t bring these seven ideas to Earth, but someone else did.


3. Astonishing news, parts one and two

Part One: an ex-chemist from the United States has invented the seven upgrades that were just described to you. The upgrades are on a website called GroupGenie.Org.  The ex-chemist’s name is Tim Cimino. Here’s a picture of him.

Tim Cimino

Cimino doesn’t believe he’s invented anything quite as powerful as written language or the Scientific Method, but he believes that some of his upgrades may one day be on that same list.

Part Two of the astonishing news: While it usually takes decades for an upgrade to spread around the whole world, Cimino came up with a plan to launch all seven upgrades in 1-2 years, so that they will be available for use worldwide. One to two years — that’s incredibly fast!


4. Do you want new upgrades for humanity?

This may sound like a strange question: Do you want these new upgrades? For instance, would you like to live in a world where most people felt wealthy and were enjoying dozens of kinds of wealth, not just money and possessions? Do you want an idea that can generate hundreds of billions more for charities worldwide? Do you want a mechanism that can rebuild and renew democracy? Do you want a new educational structure that can make learning, goal attainment and change easier? And do you want a goal that can replace world peace as the default goal for humanity and make people feel good about the progress they make each year?

So do you want these upgrades, or not?

The reason I’m asking is that your desire will affect the outcome. Here are two examples of what I mean. Someone could look at the Wide Wealth concept, and say, “Forty kinds of wealth – Hmm, that’s merely a concept for a self-help book.” But if enough people adopt it, it becomes a new common reality shared by most of humanity, just as being online on the Internet is a new form of common reality. Another example: someone could look at Proof Through the Night, the set of tools to create the desired electorate and say, “Oh, that’s merely a voter education package.” In both cases, they’d be under-rating the potential of the upgrades. But if everyone thought that way the reality would conform to their beliefs. In other words, if people want these to be major world-changing upgrades, they will evolve in that direction. If most people don’t, they won’t.

That’s why we used the idea of an alien earlier. If an alien arrived on Earth and said it had seven major new upgrades, most people would give it the benefit of the doubt. You’d expect an alien to have new ideas. But if a human announced they had invented seven major upgrades, people would think the person must be mistaken since nothing like that has ever happened before. The problem is that people’s expectations and beliefs often make them under-rate the ideas.

But now that we’ve pointed out this tendency, you might give the ex-chemist the same benefit of the doubt that you’d give an alien.

Now I’ll tell you what to do if you’d want the world to have these upgrades.

5. Group Genie and Cimino’s start-up plan

To rapidly develop and roll out the upgrades, Cimino is building a creativity team and action network called Group Genie.

To do this, he’ll need volunteers, funds, and eventually paid staff.

Here’s how he’d like people to help. First you’d read about the seven upgrades. Then you’d give some feedback on them, what you like and don’t like. Then you donate money to help develop whatever upgrades you like. You are essentially voting with your donation. We’re only asking $10 or $20 total. Then comes the most important part. You send the link of this video to your contacts along with a personal endorsement that basically says something like, “I believe these upgrades can do tremendous good. I strongly encourage you to learn about these upgrades as soon as possible, and pass on this video.”

Of course if you don’t like the upgrades, you don’t pass on the video.

But it’s really important to do this as soon as possible. We think that 90% of people can do this within the week that they get the video, and almost everyone else soon after that.

If people pass it on to their contacts within a week, this will reach around the world in less than three months. That kick-starts Group Genie. We’ll quickly get the donations and volunteers we need. After that, we expect to have a full release of a new upgrade for humanity every three months or sooner.

The steps that we want you to follow are on a webpage called To Build It. If we get more funds than we need, that page will be changed to say ‘don’t give,’ or ‘donations needed only for certain upgrades.’

That sequence of steps helps you to understand the benefits you can get as soon as the upgrades become a reality. There are already ready-to-use materials for two of the upgrades. You’ll also learn how to volunteer to help one of the upgrade projects if you want to do more.

People who go through the steps also choose how frequently they want to be updated. Cimino sees Group Genie’s work as seven dramas—how fast can we launch each of these upgrades to help humanity? You can choose whichever dramas you want to tune into, as well as subscribe to the overall Group Genie drama.

If it works out as planned, the people of Group Genie will do something unprecedented in human history. All the other major upgrades in history have come one at a time. So seven upgrades from one group of people launched in two years would be an absolutely stunning feat.

So this week we’re giving you a mission. Whether you do it or not, and how fast you do it, really will affect the future of the world. We believe it will take most people about three hours to do the steps, but it can all be done it in five to ten minute increments.


6. A necessary warning: The Three-Way Race

One of the reasons that Cimino invented all these upgrades is that he’s deeply concerned about the future. We as a species have created many unsolved environmental, political and economic problems. And currently we don’t even have the capacity, the wherewithal to address all these problems. Cimino thinks that the decent people of the world are in a three-way race. Not only are they racing against some very destructive environmental and economic trends that we’ve all created, they’re also racing against the people and organizations that are actively destabilizing the world, either through oppression and violence or a narrow focus on profits that harms people and the natural world.

It’s because of this race, this urgency, that Cimino developed the strategy to launch the upgrades within an incredible 1-2 years.

But there are two complications, two special challenges. One has to do with superprograms, the educational idea. The other has to do with Proof Through the Night, the political idea.

Cimino believes that people who want power or who want to keep their power will be among the first to exploit superprograms. But if power-hungry people and organizations exploit superprograms before the decent people of the world do, it will give them a strategic advantage. Things would get worse instead of better. Therefore he urges the decent people of the world to learn to use superprograms as soon as possible. Since the decent people of the world far outnumber the greedy and the corrupt, early adoption by decent people will tip the balance of power in their favor.

Regarding Proof Through the Night, there are some groups that don’t want a strong electorate. They don’t want people to have critical thinking skills and political power. They will try to neutralize or downplay Proof Through the Night. These groups currently have tremendous power and influence. But very quickly the decent people of the world can gain the advantage.

By the way, of the seven upgrades, superprograms and Proof Through the Night are the two that Cimino did the most work on. So there are ready-to-use methods and resources for both of these upgrades.


7. Nothing like this has even happened before

Let’s review. We reminded you of some of the most powerful upgrades in human history, upgrades such as agriculture, written language, and the Scientific method. We reminded you that these upgrades took thousands of years to happen. Then we made the claim that an ex-chemist may have invented seven new global upgrades. Then we passed on his warning that the decent people of the world are in a three way race. They are racing against the oppressors and those doing harm, but they are also racing against the increasing unsolved problems that humanity is causing itself. Because of the urgency of the situation, the ex-chemist devised a plan to roll out the upgrades over two years–incredibly fast.

Here’s Tim Cimino to end this video.


Hi. What we’re explaining is so huge that I’m afraid that some viewers may not be grasping this. So let me come at it from a different angle. We’re not proposing seven million-dollar invention ideas. We’re not asking you to help us with seven new multi-billion dollar ideas, ideas like Ebay, Paypay, Youtube and Netflix. We’re asking you to help fund research and development into seven ideas that could become global upgrades for humanity.

To make that happen, we’re asking 3-4 hours of your time, and just $10-20 dollars. With your time, first you’ll be learning about the upgrades. If you like them, then donate money to the upgrades you like best. Then most importantly, pass this video on to at least four friends and get them to do the ‘To Build It’ process to. That makes you one of the founders of Group Genie. That way, as more and more people learn about the seven upgrades, and the work we’ve done so far, Group Genie will get the funds, volunteers and staff it needs to rapidly roll out the seven upgrades for humanity.

Again, nothing like this has happened before in human history. No team of Nobel Prize winners, no university, no corporation, no major world power even has generated seven major upgrades — or even three.

So why do I think you’re going to help a name creativity team called Group Genie will do all this?

Four reasons:

First, the ideas are already sitting here at GroupGenie.Org.

Second, you’re going to realize that the more money and volunteer we get, the faster we can move, the more teams I can organize AND the more mistakes we can make before we get it right.

Third, a lot of you grasp that the oppressors and the greedy will try to exploit these ideas, and you know that, virally, your little bits of time and money and networking will add up very fast. That way, we can roll the critical ideas out in months, not years.

Fourth, you know that humanity has many unsolved problems that are getting worse. Humanity needs major upgrades as soon as possible.

Let me end by saying, If you’ve ever wished for something beautiful to happen to all of humanity, here’s your chance.  We urge you to please start the process for bringing these upgrades to humanity.  Visit “To Build It.”


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