Grid Emergency

(A solution to the U.S. and Canadian electric grid vulnerability)

Summary: The entire U.S./Canadian electrical grid is vulnerable to major collapse, a collapse that could cover much or all of the continental U.S., and that could last weeks, months or even longer than a year. Approximately, 330 million people are directly at risk. But a major collapse would create long-term global economic and political shock waves.

Tim Cimino, director of Group Genie, did extensive research, analyzed the problem and developed a multi-pronged low-cost solution. Relative to the protection it gives people, it is much cheaper than other forms of insurance that people already purchase. Tim believes his multi-pronged solution is the fastest way that the population of these two countries can be protected from great suffering, prolonged suffering and premature death.

We believe that this is a trillion-dollar solution because trillions of dollars will be lost in a global economic catastrophe. Of course, the great loss of life, the widespread suffering and panic, and then extended emotional trauma for those who survive is an even greater consideration.

The problem is complex for many reasons. First, there are four different ways that the grid blackout for weeks or months. People should learn about each cause. Second, many government officials have downplayed the threat, and the media has or under-reported it as well. Fortunately, there are many official detailed reports about the problem from different branches of government and from many well-vetted sources. (They can be found on our GridEmergency.Org website.) Third, the immensity of the threat often causes overwhelm in people and most people believe that if they don’t spend thousands of dollars to become a prepper then they really can’t protect themselves.  So they do nothing.

But our solution is to treat this as an insurance situation in which you insure yourself not with a policy but with some preparation and about three months of supplies. Our cost estimate is a one-time $300 per person, which is much less than most recurring forms of insurance that most people already pay. So “grid insurance” is very inexpensive, compared to most other forms of insurance. But part of the “grid insurance” is to tell and support a handful of close family and friends to follow your example. If everyone does this, it leads to a chain reaction of preparation and advocacy.  Most people will be prepared, and pressure will be put on government to stockpile for the roughly 30% of people who can’t afford to prepare or who won’t prepare.

By the way, three months of preparation will give the government enough time to organize a supply chain if the crisis lasts longer than three months.

Thus instead of a doomsday scenario, most Americans will be “camping out at home until the grid is repaired.” There will be hardship but there will be no need for panic or dread if most people treat this an an insurance situation and prepare.

Group Genie’s multi-pronged plan and also practical protection information can be found at GridEmergency.Org. A detailed 40-page PDF is available free on the site. We urge you to make self-preparation for yourself and loved one a priority. The bulk of education and preparation can take place in 15 hours or less!