A big theme of participation is to “make, the best most loving use of your time and life.” There are many ways to participate. Please consider all of them and then choose what would be the best. Sometimes the best is to do just one thing; other times you can be involved in multiple ways.

1. If you really like something or really dislike something, give us feedback so we can improve. (Email us at

2. We recommend that people in the United States and Canada give priority to the power grid vulnerability because it could severely disrupt their lives if they are unprepared. We have not only created what we think is the quickest solution for protecting both nations, we have developed excellent how-to-prepare materials.

3. To improve your life in an ongoing fashion, we recommend that you use the CLEAR superprogram, or design a superprogram for yourself by selecting from the CLEAR materials and the add-ons. For most people, the critical element is ongoing personal support. This means having to either a friend or acquaintance participate with you, or organizing a small group that meets regularly. Once you have had some success, you can invite more people to participate and pass on the methods and benefits.

4. If you just have small amounts of time available, you can join our FARNĀ  (Fast Action Response Network.) We communicate with you by email. Sometimes you answer survey questions to help us improve our content. Sometimes you might be invited to try out a specific written material. You are under no obligation to respond to every email

5. If you have special skills such as graphic design, acting, writing/editing, video production, etc., you can volunteer and help us with the development of our website and organization.

6. If you are particularly interested in one of our global upgrades or trillion-dollar solutions, you can volunteer to join one of our project teams.

7. Like almost every organization, we need to pay for projects and plan to have paid staff. Donations will be essential for our long-term success.