Seven Dimensions of Group Genie

Seven Ways to Think about Group Genie

Many organizations are one-dimensional. For instance a food bank simply provides food. But Group Genie has many dimensions. We encourage you to come back to this list a few times so that you have a balanced and in-depth understanding of Group Genie.

1. Group Genie offers self-help tools can upgrade your life. And we offer superprogram methods to learn the other methods more efficiently.

2. Group Genie is a movement generator. You can think of many of the global upgrades and trillion-dollar solutions as separate movements that, if embraced, will significantly improve the world. All together, the movements will change individual lives and all the parts of the world in which they are spread.

3. Group Genie started as one man’s response to the suffering and unhappiness in the world, It began with his values: compassion for those in need; anger at injustice and oppression; an emphasis on long-term solutions that empower individuals; and a reverence for nature and the specific life each of us is given. Eventually Group Genie becomes a group’s response, a community’s response.

4. Group Genie offers you a wonderful deal: We will help you get the tools and a superprogram learning structure that will dramatically improve your life in many ways–improve your relationships, your emotional happiness, your finances, or however you apply the tools. In exchange for the help, we mainly ask that you tell two or three about the superprogram tools, and support them to use the resource and pass them on. You may do this for different reasons: to help them; to make the world more beautiful, or to “buy planetary insurance” for our mutual life and future.

5. Group Genie is an unfolding real-life adventure drama. Our goal is to launch and spread upgrades before humanity reaches some very destructive economic, political and environmental tipping points. You can be a star in our drama.

6. Imagine an alien landed in a small flying saucer and announced that she was a planetary doctor, sent to heal planets that were in trouble. Imagine she then produces a book that she specifically wrote for Earth. The plan contains powerful but simple upgrades for humanity. But most of the upgrades work from the individual level; so they don’t require the endorsement of nations. Group Genie is aiming to write the equivalent of that book. Our upgrades are part of a global plan. Another part of the plan is an open-ended amendment process that invites other people to add to the plan.

7. Group Genie is a way to do good, high-leverage, “game-changing” good. If in each generation the good people just balance the bad people, the world will never significantly change. But we do believe that a great step forward is possible. Superprograms are just one of our upgrades that can dramatically increase people’s ability to learn and change their lives, and then help change the world.

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