Dream and Goal Sheet (Two-page version)


1.   (Dream)   What is your dream or vision?

2.  (Goal)  What is a step toward your dream? (Make sure you spell out exactly what you hope to accomplish, how much you hope to accomplish, and by when.)





how much:



by when:



3. (Stretch)  Is this a reasonable stretch—not too easy or not too hard?




4. (Plan)  What is your plan to reach this goal? (The goal is the end that you want to achieve, while the plan is the pathway, the steps or the activities needed to attain the goal.)  First, brainstorm for possible actions, then choose the best combination of actions.


Brainstorm the possible activities that would accomplish the goal









Put the best activities in the best order











5. (Information/Skill)  Is there any information or skill you need to reach your goal? Who could help you find this information? (Add this to your plan.)







6. (Schedule)  Exactly when in your week are you going to do the activities? How much time is needed? Can you schedule a back-up time in case something comes up?









7. (Support)  What support system or reminders will you use to make sure you put your plan into action?  (Some examples: telling someone at home or work about your goal; a reminder note on your bathroom mirror; or a reminder call from a friend.)


___ daily review of goals and plans
___ weekly review of goals and plans
___ monthly review of goals and plans
___ personal calendar
___ do-lists
___ personal journal
___ notes or other visual
___ other, please specify:
___ Buddy System phone calls
___ family meetings (weekly)
___ Goal & Growth Group
___ other small group
___ visualizations
___ affirmations or prayer
___ a course or workshop


8. (Positive Feelings/Hidden Obstacle)  Do you have generally positive feelings for your plans and your ability to attain your goal?  (In other words, can you really see yourself doing the work to reach your goal? If not, what seems to be the obstacle? Can you add something to your plan to get around this obstacle?)




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