Goal-Attainment Add-ons

Life Pact   This life tool allows you to summarize all your goals and support methods. We suggest setting goals in four-month or six-month cycles. You can make specific plans with the Dream and Goal Sheet above, and then summarize it on this form.  PDF version

Dream and Goal Sheet   A one- or two-page worksheet for defining a goal and then creating a plan for it. This is one of the strong workhorses of change.  The two-page version has a section detailing a variety of support options. One-page PDF version   Two-Page PDF version

Life Mission and Life Process Statements   This four-part resource covers common mistakes and assumptions about life mission; how to create a mission statement; how to create a life process statement; and how to extend your life mission. (PDF)

Becoming Fully Committed to Your Dream   This checklist exercise covers ten facets of goal-setting. You can roughly predict your chance of success by counting how many of the ten facets you have defined and worked out.  (PDF Package.)