Don’t Be Overwhelmed — There Are Only Eight People in the World

Sometimes engineers or mathematicians face a tremendously complex problem. One technique that they use is to solve a related, though much simpler problem. Then they make adjustments to the solution.

One very complex problem is keeping the world going, so that you and your loved ones are secure; so that oppressed peoples have a chance at a normal life; and so that our life-support systems are not destroyed. That’s certainly a complex problem.

How do you manage seven billion people?

Group Genie’s approach simplifies things tremendously. While there are side projects such as Proof Through the Night and Helpers Helper, the main part of this approach works from the individual level to spark a chain reaction of individual empowerment. When individuals have more of the following, they can better solve a variety of complex problems:

  • Enough spare time
  • Enough spare money
  • Skills
  • Basic understanding (for instance, through the Golden Rule 2.0, and some other principles)
  • Support and learning structures

The way you manage seven billion people is to think of the world as only having eight people, or eight types of people. The first six are decent or good, and the other two are not so good:

¨     You

¨     The person who is willing to support you

¨     The person(s) you pass on the approach to

¨     People you love or care about

¨     Oppressed people in the world

¨     Other decent people in the world, many of them unintentionally doing damage to the world, and many others doing good, but not enough.

¨     The oppressors and the greedy.

¨     The critics and naysayers

You can think of this as a very simple drama. The oppressors and greedy are actively destabilizing the world and it affects your quality of life and long-term security. Many decent people in the world are acting, but it’s not enough. Fortunately, with superprograms and at least one person’s support, you have the ability to spread a powerful solution. Your mission is to pass it on to at least two other persons. Eventually it will reach many of the decent people of the world and the oppressed. Why do it? The persons you are doing this for are: yourself and the people you care about. And if you are fair-minded, you probably also care a little about the oppressed.

Besides the oppressors, the people who will try to harm the chain reaction of empowerment are the critics and naysayers. They will tell you that the world is too big for this to work! But all you need to do is focus on your efforts and the two or three people who you will support. And don’t forget the support you are getting.

The critics may have some useful feedback, but the negativity should be ignored. If you keep this simple model in mind, it will help you to stay focused and optimistic. Certainly there are many complex problems, but by extending the chain reaction of empowerment as quickly as possible, you are providing the world with the resources, the time, money and skills needed to solve a variety of problems! If you have the special training to do something about one or more of the complex problems, do so. If not, there’s no need to be overwhelmed or anxious. The best thing you can do is to whole-heartedly participate in the Basic Program.

The world is only eight people — or rather only seven if you ignore the critics. 🙂

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