The CLEAR form is just a page that you can use to write down your plans and progress. If you keep a calendar or To-Do list you can just integrate the five CLEAR categories into it. If you don’t, you can use the PDF form or the text below. On the PDF, above the line in each section is where you place your plans. Below the line is where you put what you actually accomplished. The Goal and Growth Format is an alternative way to organize things, with your Buddy or with a group.

Here’s a CLEAR Form PDF. And below is text that you can cut and paste into a file.

“CLEAR” Lifestyle Sheet Name_____________ Date________ __Weekly plan (or) __Four mo. goals









Add to the world’s stability


Ripple Effect


Goal and Growth Group Meeting


Learning or a practical question you want to ask


Progress highlight


Plan for next week


Appreciation that you had


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