About Add-Ons

Add-ons are simply optional methods or self-help materials. If you believe that an add-on can help you spend your time in the best, most loving way, then you’re encouraged to use it. There are perhaps two kinds of add-ons. One kind can be made a permanent or regular part of your plan. For instance, you might each week add your actions to our Results page in a comment. A second add-on is something that you might use irregularly or once. For instance, going through the Integrating Communication Skills and doing the exercises is an add-on that you might use once, or maybe use once and review as needed.

We really recommend that you master the basic program and materials before you add things. And pace yourself — don’t attempt too much too fast.

Add-ons are grouped in five categories: Goal-attainment, Assessments, Support, Skills and Other (Miscellaneous).