Lifestyle Review This general life review can be used for whole-life review, or the most recent 4-6 months. It covers seventeen facets of life, your personal mission, your current greatest obstacle, and then it asks you to look ahead. It’s designed to be used with a friend as a “do it yourself” workshop. Your friend “interviews” you; and then you interview them.  PDF version.

Ecological Lifestyle Assessment   This 10-page assessment covers the basics in ten areas: personal health, personal relationships, mental health, your community, your non-personal relationships, the environment, the economy, politics, raising children and spirituality. It is ecological in the truest sense of the word because it is holistic and focuses on all our life-support systems.  PDF version.

Becoming Fully Committed to Your Dream   This checklist exercise covers ten facets of goal-setting. You can roughly predict your chance of success by counting how many of the ten facets you have defined and worked out.  (PDF Package.)

The Well Analogy   Use the image of a water well to help you focus on your personal vitality and your mission in life. Then use it to diagnose the obstacles that get in the way. This exercise helps you visualize your life situation dynamically.  (PDF Package.)