Skill Add-ons

Some Tips for Listening Well    A short one-page overview of the basics of empathic listening. This gets to the heart of it fast!

Integrating Communication Skills    A 16-page overview of listening and obstacles to good listening. It presents four communication skills: Attending, Active Listening, Empathic Listening and Encountering–all with exercises.  PDF version

Misery to Happiness Exercise   This four-page exercise with worksheet is a tool you can use again and again to get a handle on emotional patterns that sap your energy and interfere with joyful living. If you use it enough it becomes the skill of dealing and transforming excessively negative feelings and patterns.  PDF version

Path Management   This is another lifestyle management framework that is based on the question, “What is the best, most loving use of my time right now?”  PDF version

Integrating Assertiveness    This tool teaches the difference between assertiveness, non-assertiveness and aggression. Then it presents three different kinds of assertiveness, with exercises to help you practice and master the skill.  (PDF Package.)

Want Management    Learn why Want Management is more powerful than most time management methods. Use the Want Management framework and exercise to simplify and focus your life.  (PDF Package.)

Integrating Conflict Resolution Skills   Learn your current style of dealing with conflict and then learn a four-step model for resolving conflicts in a principled manner.  (PDF Package.)