We have many kinds of volunteers. Some make a small commitment, but their help is critical. Others make a larger commitment and usually get more benefits. First, however, let’s describe the benefits that everyone can get.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

* Optimism. When we launch useful programs, and when their number of participants grows, your optimism about the future of the world will also grow. For instance, if we can increase the money and volunteer time to charities by hundreds of billions a year through the Helper’s Helper project, it will certainly have a worldwide impact.

* Access to new resources. When we produce a new resource such as the Lifestyle Review or Wide Wealth, you can be one of the first people to use it and benefit.

* You’ll feel part of a real-life adventure drama! It will start small, but each Action Signal report will chronicle the growing impact of our projects. We are really racing against many world-destroying trends.

* It’s easy! You can usually do it from home. Most volunteers are part of our FARN, our Fast Action Resource Network. They do very brief but meaningful actions. Even the Artisans and Guides usually work wherever it’s most convenient.

* Appreciation and recognition. We recognize all people helping during each Action Signal video or email. These videos or emails summarize recent progress.

What kinds of volunteers are there, and how does one join?

The FARN is our Fast Action Response Network. FARN volunteers do very brief actions, usually from home. How it works: A Genie or Guide emails the FARN volunteers when small amounts of help are needed. Two or three days later, we send out a “FARN Echo” to let people know what happened and who helped with that particular action. To learn more about FARN participation, go here.

Artisans have special skills that can be applied toward many projects. Some examples of artisans would be: graphic designers, actors, musicians, content editors, videographers, and computer programmers.

— If you have special skills that you think can help Group Genie, then contact us.

Doers are volunteers who are using superprograms or other materials and who give us feedback on their participation.

One-Trick Ponies, as the name suggests, are people with special skills who give short-term temporary help. For instance, at one point we will need an economist to review our PTTN strategies and the “economics for politics” part of our online course.

The Guides are among the most dedicated volunteers. Guides are usually either project leaders or board members. They commit serious time and energy usually because they value our work. Guides undergo an online training that they can do piecemeal, but that takes about 3 hours total. If interested, contact us.

Genies are the source of Group Genie’s power. There are three kinds of genies: Top, Charm and Strange. Top genies are the super-creative thinkers that can generate many different “superhero” ideas. Charm genies generate lesser innovations that improve on the huge ideas or on the processes within Group Genie.  Strange genies have come up with only one superhero idea. If you’re creative and interested in becoming a Group Genie genie, contact us.

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