Benefits You Can Have Soon

Even though Group Genie is just starting out, you can get:

1. Quick, “almost free” optimism. As soon as you understand some of our high-leverage methods you’ll probably experience some optimism — even before you start to use the methods. That’s because you’ll probably say something like, “I understand the incentives and benefits that will motivate a lot of people to use these methods, and I can understand how the methods give people all the ingredients to change their lives and their part of the world.”

2. “Earned” optimism for your life and world. The free optimism will fade if you don’t start to participate in one way or another. Those who use our superprogram tools to create an ongoing support and learning structure, usually with one support person, will begin to feel what we call “earned” optimism, because you’re reaching more goals and creating a new momentum in your life.

3. Increased time, money, and energy. In the (C) part of the CLEAR superprogram you’re encouraged to focus on the resource or skill that you most lack. For instance, if it’s time that you lack, you concentrate on freeing more time. This allows you to do the other parts of CLEAR, so that your life improves more quickly.

4. Increased focus on what matters to you. In the (L) part of CLEAR you don’t just do things that make you happy. You are asked to seek your deepest personal fulfillment.

5. You become the star of your own life drama. Drama happens when you don’t know how a story will end. We encourage people to set goals every four months that will be a real stretch for them. Then you have a drama: Will you or won’t you reach you goals and experience change?

6.You strengthen your personal safety net. In (R) you’re asked to pass on this approach to two or three people. You’d be their initial support person. Someday in the future, you might need support and help. These people who know you will likely have more ability to help you because of their participation, and they’ll probably feel more gratitude and desire to reciprocate because you introduced them to all the tools and benefits of this program, and gave them support.

7. You build practical life-long skills. Most people will see the wisdom of the “Permanent Endowment” add-on. In this add-on, you plan to learn at least two very useful or very desired skills each year. The program helps you create a strong expectation to learn.

8. You increase your self-esteem and happiness. Research shows that helping others is one of the most powerful ways to feel good about yourself. In the program, you help others directly through (E) and (R), and indirectly through (A.)


Benefits to You and the World — the more Group Genie grows

1. Charities can do more to strengthen your community’s safety net and a variety of services. That’s because when a few thousand in a town or city are using a superprogram, they’re building their capacity (C) and using some of this to give more time and money to charities that improve the community or local environment in some way. This strengthens the local safety net and also increases the services available.

2. Government becomes more efficient, if the Proof Through the Night upgrade spreads. Proof Through the Night is a nonpartisan voter empowerment movement. Smarter, better informed and more active voters will lead to higher quality government. This affect all kinds of issues, from public health to international security.

3. Less violence and terrorism. Because of the first eight benefits of this page, we believe that people will use this program and enthusiastically share it with others. So we believe it will spread. People often become violent when they have been oppressed too long and feel trapped. In some cases, people are also seduced by the dramatic qualities of war and violence. But if people have the skills to reach positive goals and live positive dramas, they are less likely to succumb to violence.

4. A sense of solidarity and engagement with people who are oppressed. If our methods catch on, they will lead to a four-prong attack on the oppressive forces that harm people economically, politically and socially. There is the political leverage, the economic leverage, help through charities, and the actual use of the program by people oppressed to change their lives. These small efforts add up. The oppressed are liberated, and the people who help them lose their sense of powerlessness. To encourage people, Tim wrote a parable about horses and hornets. Briefly, the horses stomp on the hornets and don’t care. But eventually the hornets realize that their little stings can add up and can send the horses running.

5. Renewed confidence in humanity’s future (and your long-term future.) Our original global upgrades are sources of increased leverage for changing the world. They are new technologies that our superprogram participants can use. But again, a theme of most of them is that individual efforts add up. We say “raindrops make rivers, and rivers move mountains.” When people see their small political, economic and charitable efforts add together to make rivers that force governments, corporations and other large institutions to change, then our approach gradually changes people’s assumptions about what’s possible. People then believe a better world is possible; they come to expect change; and that expectation, the ongoing support, and the leverage in all the upgrades make an improved world much more likely.

This global movement springs from individual action. So if you
say ‘yes’ with changes in your life and your support of others, this approach echos back with a ‘yes’ to you regarding
the world. If you say yes, the answer is yes.

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