Fifteen Tips for Those Starting the CLEAR Superprogram

1.   Connect this program to you, your goals and personal life. Whether you are a parent trying to make a better world for your children—or trying to educate them; whether you want to create a permanent endowment of skills, relationships and habits for your life; whether you want to do greater good; or whether you want to leave a legacy, this program can be shaped to meet your life situation.

2.  Savor the beauty of the central question: “What is the best, most loving use of my time right now?”

3.  You will usually feel a little resistance to doing the best action. Many people already do a lot of “good” actions. But serious use of this program will help you do much better actions, and even “best” actions.

4.  If needed, work on your time management first. (You can find some links on the Individual Page of one of our sister sites, HelpersHelper.Org.)

5.  Get ongoing personal support. It’s easier to get a single Buddy than to organize a small group but either is enough. Tell your Buddy briefly about the CLEAR method, or email them a few paragraphs. (They don’t have to do program, they can just work on personal goals, or even just support you.) This is probably the most important tip!

6.  a) Create visible reminders in your bedroom, home office or workplace and b) schedule time for it in your calendar. Consider an “hour-of-power” approach where you dedicate one uninterrupted hour, for five days a week.

7.  Do it in your style, but don’t cut corners. Some of the parts of CLEAR that you least might want to do, are probably the ones that would benefit you and the world the most.

8.  Contact us if you have any questions. We’ll be happy to help.  Contact.

9.  An easy R action is to make a weekly report on the Results page. The more people who share their program, the faster others will be persuaded to try. You model the program for others, and you’ll also feel a greater sense of accomplishment. (How to do it is explained on the Results page.)

10.  Give yourself time to get use to it. It’s very hard to do perfectly, since we can’t always be perfectly focused, or know for sure what is the best, most loving use of our time. But if you make honest efforts, you will probably do much better than had you not used the CLEAR method.

11. Celebrate your efforts! Pat yourself on the back. You are changing your life and the world, as part of a chain reaction of empowerment.

12.  After you’ve mastered the basic program, explore the website. There are a lot of useful “Add-on” methods, high-leverage “superhero” upgrades, and insightful stories and essays!

13.  If you get stuck, try to determine what ingredient(s) of empowerment you are missing.

14.  Re-read this page from time to time.

15.  Do it from a positive perspective. Yes it will lower the world’s suffering, environmental damage and waste, but it’s probably better to think of it increasing people’s quality of life, their ability to create fulfilling lives, and increasing the amount and depth of beauty on Earth. You can be serene and positive.


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