Top Creators Competition

Summary: Group Genie is a global upgrade generator. As far as we know, we are the first organization in human history to generate multiple global upgrades and trillion-dollar solutions. (Global upgrades are the greatest advances in human history, ideas like written language, money, the Scientific Method and mass communication.) But the world would improve much faster if many organizations were involved in generating global upgrades and trillion-dollar solutions. Therefore we plan to create a global competition in which other organizations can compete for the title “Top Creativity Organization of Earth.”

The competition itself becomes a second global upgrade generator, one that would probably be far more powerful than Group Genie.

Organizations would compete to help build or maintain their brands and prestige. They would also compete because a competition would be an efficient way to market or promulgate their powerful new methods. At this time, we imagine the competition to be like a reality TV show, or online series, that culminates in a grand competition.

We do not plan to actively develop this idea until Group Genie is itself broadly recognized as one of the top creativity organizations on Earth.


What is the most important contest on Earth? Some might say the Nobel Prizes. Many of the Nobel Prizes that are awarded salutes people who have made important discoveries in the sciences. Yet if you think about these discoveries, few lead to trillion-dollar applications, and, as far as we are aware, none are global upgrades for humanity. We believe that another competition would focus more attention on the greatest and most urgently needed innovations. 

We think that a contest focusing on global upgrades and trillion-dollar solutions would probably become the most important contest on Earth. It would probably inspire many organizations to come up with innovative solutions to some global (trillion-dollar) problems.  Once Group Genie has demonstrated that it’s possible to quickly roll out new upgrades for humanity, we believe that other creative organizations will quickly grasp our methods and will be able to innovate on or beyond our level. 

We imagine that the voting would be done by the public after a panel of experts explains the likely impact and applications of an idea. Without a panel of neutral experts, there is a danger that the public will be seduced by the packaging or the hype of a new idea. Although ideas are very diverse and are hard to compare, an easy way for people to evaluate and rate ideas is to ask people to think of only two ideas at a time and ask themselves which idea they would rather see in the world, if they could only pick one. (If organizations develops more than one global upgrade or trillion-dollar solution, then the “baskets” of ideas can be compared.)

One benefit of doing the competition over time is that when an idea is introduced, it could be a time to recruit beta testers very inexpensively. In fact, it will be important for the winning ideas to have some actual use and results backing them up. So perhaps the initial portion of the competition, when the ideas are presented, could take place in the spring. At this time, tiny organizations could solicit crowd-funding for their new ideas. Then the final competition could take place near the end of the year, so that the new idea and methods are used for at least 4-6 months. 

After the first year, a segment in the end-of-year program could present the growth statistics of winning ideas from previous years. It will be very inspiring and heartening for people to see perhaps that millions of people are actively using a method that was introduced a year ago. 

There would not be an exclusive emphasis on the greatest idea of all. Every idea that offers significant benefits and that is widely embraced is a winner.

If Group Genie can roll out three global upgrades and three trillion-dollar ideas in two years or less, it will probably be considered the top creativity organization on Earth. This will create some pressure or drive for other powerful organizations to take the title from Group Genie. May the organization that develops the idea that does the most good for humanity win!