Please Look For What’s Missing, Not What’s Wrong (Judging Your Judgment)

Some people never find the right relationship, job or life situation, because they explore only until they notice one thing that they consider wrong, and then they move on to the next person or group. Other people seem to get more out of life because they try to supply what’s missing to the person, the job or the situation.

Certainly any mistake or weakness in this program can’t be ignored and need to be worked out, but if are reading or skimming this website looking for something you disagree with, there is a chance you’ll miss some of what’s right—because you’re focusing on what you think is wrong. But if you look for what’s missing, then you have to take in the whole approach.

There will certainly people who will attack this plan. It challenges the status quo, the conventional set of approaches, in many ways. The Golden Rule 2.0 is almost a re-definition of fairness, and how much is enough. It will threaten people who want to believe they are doing enough. The idea of supergoodness is almost — but not really — a re-definition of what it means to be a good person. That will threaten a lot of people. The Ai Sakai is based on the idea that “world peace” is a terrible goal (though fine as a vision.) That will threaten may people, too!

So I ask you not to be too hasty in your judgments or criticisms. I don’t mind criticism, but if you don’t have a global plan, or a set of solutions that are better than ours, please don’t attack the plan unfairly. That will only turn off people who could have benefited, and who could have immeasurably helped others in need.

And if you hear someone attacking the plan, please ask them what their solutions are, and why they think they are better. This plan doesn’t have to be perfect, especially in its “infancy.” It just has to be better than conventional approaches. And if you read the article Advantages of Our Approach over Conventional Approaches, you will see that it has a lot going for it!

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