Huge Ideas

We have invented many powerful ideas and methods. If a small number of people help us to develop and refine them, these ideas can help millions or billions of people.

You are encouraged to read about the upgrades below. Many of them will probably give you some optimism about the future of the world, and your long-term future. If you like them, you can either help with the project, or apply the related ideas in your own life.

Click on any of the blue links below to go to pages that present more details.

Superprograms a whole new category of educational structures that boosts life-learning and goal-attainment.

Helper’s Helper a program to help charities and their helpers increase money and time by half a trillion dollars a year.

Wide Wealth giving people a much broader understanding of the 40-plus kinds of wealth they already possess.

The Golden Rule 2.0 an upgraded understanding of fairness, and how much action is enough to sustain human civilization.

Supergoodness a better definition for goodness and what it means to be a good person. We believe that people who accept this definition and apply it to their own lives will do more good and a higher quality of good.

Proof Through the Night a set of over 40 strategies designed to produce an informed, critically thinking and active American electorate in one decade. (Many of the strategies can be applied to other democracies.)

Global Plan Competition First, imagine a new kind of global plan, one that worked mainly from the individual level, and spread virally, person-to-person. Next, imagine a reality show in which a few governments, universities and corporations competed to come up with the world’s best plan and set of strategies. Call the competition “The Greatest Contest on Earth.”

The Ai Sakai A much better goal than ‘world peace’ or ‘peace on Earth.’ ‘World peace” is a counterproductive goal for many reasons; such as it being too absolute — if there is even one war or conflict humanity has failed.

The Grid Emergency website and plan We developed a multi-pronged solution the the U.S and Canadian electric power grid vulnerability. We believe it’s the fastest and cheapest solution to this potentially horrific problem.

Most of these global upgrades or trillion-dollar solutions have an ongoing or growth structure built-in. This allows the solution to be permanent, growing and evolving.

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