“Only lovers understand moments.”

image004I once wrote a poem and in the middle of writing it, the poem completely changed direction. One of the fresh, unexpected lines was “Only Lovers understand moments.” 

That line could mean many things. One meaning for me is that sometimes when we look back at our lives, some of the greatest, most powerful events in our lives were a matter of a few moments of inspiration, insight or bliss. 

Another meaning is that when you really love someone or something, time slows or stops, and everything significant seems to be communicated in an instant. 

But here I will connect those words to the question of just how Group Genie helps people make the best, most loving use of their lives. We actually come at this question from several directions, and we have a variety of materials that help people answer the question, “What is the best, most loving use of my time, right now?”

Here are five materials:

Path Management  This material contains a framework for looking at life as either a series of “loves” (things that are life-enhancing) or a series of “sleeps”—things that are bad for you. The ideal is to walk a path from love to love, and avoid the sleeps that pull you off the path of fulfillment.

Life Mission and Process Statements  This four-part, 16-page resource covers common mistakes and assumptions about life mission; how to create a mission statement; how to create a life process statement; and how to extend your life mission.

Choices Regarding the Empowerment of Others  Pondering these 18 different sets of choices can help you pick much more powerful ways to empower others and do good.

Wise Giving of Time and Money   This material includes two assessments, a piece on ‘supercharity,’ and also several ideas to help you do the most good with your time and money, as well as tips for avoiding fraudulent charities.

Life Tools   This is a whole program that helps you balance personal fulfillment, helping others and efforts to strategically repair and sustain the world. You could use this program to help support you to read and integrate the other materials.

I hope you will use some of these materials to help you create exquisitely beautiful moments — in your life and in the lives of others!

[The picture is from the cover of Tim’s 1998 self-published book Love Is Urgent.]

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