A Major Breakthrough: The Genies Have Landed!

The three genie lamps on a skate board.For a while Group Genie has had seven powerful world-changing ideas, seven “upgrades for humanity.” (Examples of past upgrades are: written language, coin money, laws, clock time, mass communication, and most recently the Internet.) These ideas are briefly described on the Huge Ideas page. What we didn’t have was a plan for rolling these upgrades out quickly. Our goal was to have a believable plan for rolling out all seven upgrades in one to two years! That’s incredibly fast, considering that upgrades usually take decades to spread around the world.

Now we have a viable plan! It only asks a person for three hours of effort — that can be done in 5-10 minute increments — and it asks a few dollars. In exchange, humanity will likely have seven major upgrades within two years.

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