Important Superprogram Change: The Ingredients of Learning and Empowerment

I made an important change to the Basic Program. I added the “Ingredients of Learning” Questions. The basic idea is that if you don’t first re-gather all needed ingredients for learning or change, then learning and change will be difficult for you — or impossible.

Most people, if asked to guess how many ingredients are needed for learning, would guess ten or less. In reality, at least 15 ingredients are needed. Sometimes as many as 25 are needed. If you don’t have all the ingredients for learning, it’s like making a cake without many of the needed ingredients. Please don’t ask me to eat that cake! The Ingredients of Learning write-up fully explains the importance of re-gathering the 15-25 needed ingredients.

If you ever bought a self-help book and failed to learn much from it — failed to really improve your life — the reason is probably that you lacked one or more of the necessary ingredients. That’s why this information is so critical!  And on a greater scale, if people learn to re-gather all needed ingredients, it will boost humanity’s ability to cope with current and future problems and crises.

[Photo credit: Michael Porter, Flickr Creative Commons, a.k.a. “Libraryman.”]

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