Intelligent Fast Failure and "008," the License to Fail

James Bond, 007, had the license to kill. Not a good thing, mind you, but it was vital to the security of England (and to movie theaters and popcorn sellers everywhere.) You may not know this, but Group Genie has “008,” the license to fail…on the way to creating an adequate global plan.

People in technical start-ups know that on the way to innovation, there will be many failures. So entrepreneur culture embraces failure. I found an older book about this, “Using Intelligent Fast Failure.” The main message was simple: You want to organize yourself to make intelligent attempts, allow for frequent failure, and learn from your failures, quickly. Be something like a guided missile that makes in-flight corrections. Articles in a Harvard Review on Innovation offer the same message.

What does this mean to you, the person who is checking-out Group Genie? Several things: tolerate some rough edges; give things a solid try; and then give us your feedback and suggestions. We’ve got to grow this from people’s actual use.

There is a Zen proverb that can apply to this situation: “The obstacle is the path.” Perhaps you could translate it as: The thing that isn’t working is the thing to address, on the path to transforming the situation. So please let us know what’s not working for you, and work with us on it!

Like James Bond, we have an urgent mission. It’s to spark a global chain reaction of empowerment and world sustaining lifestyles — ways of living that are “lovely” too: beautiful and fulfilling. James Bond was often equipped with some high-tech toys at the start of his mission. We are equipped with some high-leverage “superhero” innovations: the Golden Rule 2.0, Proof Through the Night, the Ai Sakai, Wide Wealth and especially superprograms. If these names are all strange to you, check out the “Superheroes” page.  You’ll find a lot of cutting-edge ideas and methods for transforming the world.

The tools are here. We need “agents” of change. Please give yourself “008,” the license to fail, as you experiment with these tools, or any other “upgrades” that come your way.

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