I’d like to say, "This week we changed the world. Next week, we’ll change it again!"

earth1In 1998 I created a game of empowerment called Mission Ball. There were four teams: white, blue, red and green. We actually did a test run of the program in Monroeville, PA. The teams functioned as support groups to do a variety of positive actions. When the teams met each week they added up their points and did some presentations. After they game up with the winning team, and also acknowledged special individual efforts, the four teams together yelled, “This week we changed the world. Next week, we’ll change it again!”

I want to reuse that slogan at Group Genie. I think it’s very powerful. The idea that a group’s actions can change the world a small but real amount. The idea that each week adds to the impact.

But to say it, there needs to be at least two people doing this program to make the “we.” So I need at least one other committed participant, but preferably a few others.

I really tried to simplify the program. If you’re interested or curious, just read the CLEAR Superprogram page. Then I’d suggest reading the Benefits page (which is in the drop-down off the Intro page.)  The benefits are much greater than people would expect.

So let me ask you, when was the last time you really made a stretch to change your lifestyle? Or made a stretch to help others beyond your normal ways of helping?  If you participate, this program can amplify your impact, since through the plan’s tools you can easily support and inspire others.

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